Information technology is a growing field that encompasses the electronic transfer and storage of data. While IT professionals are often trained in a specific computer science discipline, they also need to possess a broad range of skills that are applicable across disciplines and industries.

Technical Knowledge

Often, technical skills require some form of education or training to master. But some of the most valuable hard skills in this field are those a person can learn on the job. This includes everything from coding to programming to using specific software programs in a work setting. It also encompasses understanding the specific tools of the trade, including specialized equipment or computer hardware.

Problem-Solving Skills

One of the soft skills you need for a successful career in information technology is problem-solving. This includes written and verbal communication as well as analytical skills. For example, if you’re asked to solve a technical issue, you need to be able to identify the issue quickly. This involves researching the problem, analyzing it and identifying solutions.


IT professionals rely on a mix of hard and soft skills to thrive in their roles. Strong technical knowledge and software proficiencies are crucial, but IT jobs also require people-focused skills such as decision-making, teamwork and project management. Emotional intelligence (EQ) is another important component of decision-making. It helps you balance logic with intuition and take others’ feelings into account. This can make you a more thoughtful and thorough leader, says Radish-Respess.