The use of hard and soft drugs is seeing an increase in the world and popularity among the gen Z generation. With certain countries legalising soft drugs the question arises of should we be testing students for drugs? Cocaine, morphine, marijuana, or any other drug can lead to liver damage, kidney disorder, and loss of brain functionality! Legal drugs and substances can also cause damage when abused including alcohol and tobacco. The reason to worry is that youth is taking up this toxic substance into their body. A school-going child around 14-15 years who is smoking or involved in drug abuse destroys his life before they realise the growing damage that is being done. Hence, a drug test can be necessary even for a young age such as school-going teenagers to watch their activities. But there is a discussion regarding the pros and cons of conducting a drug test for students. So this post will look into whether drug testing is good or bad for students?

What are the pros of drug testing in students?

  doctor injecting patient into his arm   Teenage years are a crucial duration of character development in a person’s lifespan. So any detrimental habit picked by a young boy or girl at this age will be a part of their personality and long term health. The dire need of the moment is to bring students under a fool-proof check and balance system for drug testing. Following are the plus points of why performing a drug test on school and college-going students is necessary?

The Pros of Drug Testing

To Control the Crime Rate

The surge in the use of drugs in student life has led to an increased crime rate. In addition, drug-addicted students have to steal money or worthy items to purchase costly drugs. Once addicted, the drug user may also become violent and aggressive if he fails to find the dose. Therefore anyone can be attacked either from the drug users frustration, aggressiveness, or a need to obtain another dose. This can cause a danger to themselves and others. The number of students in juvenile detention centres increases day by day. Hence it is necessary to recognise the students who are consuming toxic drugs.

Helps in Counselling

It is despairing when a student picks the wrong path. But on diagnosis, it is possible to bring him back to everyday life. The teachers and authorities of the school must observe the activities of all the students keenly. On finding any, the schoolteacher must consult with the headmaster and parents of the student. Then, a drug test should be conducted, and if a positive report comes out, there should be an arrangement of formal counselling sessions for that student. student smoking in library

Increasing Efficiency

Some drugs impact cognitive function such as concentration, memory, or communication. Psychoactive or Hallucinogenic drugs suppress the brain and sometimes cause memory loss or loss of control by directly affecting motor function. As a result, there is a risk of getting paralyzed if someone uses drugs for an extended period.  A student who is not in his senses cannot hope to perform well in his studies. One way to understand if there are traces of drug toxins in the body is an alcohol and drug test. Through testing we can further understand how to reach out to students and offer them the help they require. Additionally, once confirmed for having consumed drugs or a drug addiction, various rehabilitation centres are available for such patients to bring them back to everyday life.

Cons of Drug Testing

There are numerous advantages of conducting a drug test campaign in schools or higher education, but there are some cons. Some negative points are listed below. many vials for drug testing

Personal Life

Drug testing without getting permission from the student disturbs his personal life. He may be taking any drug due to mental illness after discussing it with his physician, but don’t want to disclose it.

Hindrance in Education

There are chances that the principal may expel the drug addict student. Every person has the right to study, but it’s the principal’s authority to allow or forbid anyone to sit in the classroom especially if they are affecting others through drug use but furthermore for possession and distribution.


One needs to be very careful while deciding on the onset of a drug testing campaign in his school. However, the governments of several countries are considering it a serious matter and designing policies to student-friendly policies to conduct the drug test.