Every workplace should display a range of health and safety documents. Some are legal requirements, while others reflect good business practices. Workers are expected to collaborate with employers in identifying hazards and implementing sound health and safety practices. Furthermore, workers should report any unsafe incidents they observe or inadequate safety precautions present at work.

COSHH Assessment

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) are laws designed to safeguard employees against exposure to hazardous substances. Employers must complete a COSHH assessment in order to identify and reduce risks. This necessitates an in-depth review of the workplace and its processes. Additionally, a list should be created of all hazardous substances currently used or stored on site. Before any work commences that could expose people to hazardous materials, it should be completed. The COSHH Assessment should contain details on the type of risk, controls that will be implemented and how to respond if someone gets exposed. It should also provide instructions for first aid procedures.

Accident / Incident Investigation Report

If an accident or incident occurs at your workplace, it’s essential to have an Accident/Incident Investigation Report prepared. This document can help determine what went wrong and take the necessary steps to prevent similar events from reoccurring in the future. It should include general details about the event, its setting or environment that may have contributed to it, and those involved. Furthermore, evidence such as photographs and videos should be included to substantiate these claims. Once approved by management, the report should be signed off on by all those involved in the incident (including witnesses and workers). Once complete, it can be displayed so that everyone in your workplace is informed about what transpired.

WSIB Injury Reporting Poster

The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Board (“WSIB“) requires that a “In Case of Injury” Poster (Form 82) be displayed in every workplace covered by the WSIB. This poster reminds workers of their legal duties to report injuries or illnesses that require medical attention, lost time, or modified work. Additionally, it offers guidance on the most suitable way to report an injury. The Workers’ Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) provides no-fault collective liability insurance, wage loss benefits and health care coverage to employees. It is funded by employers and operated as an arm’s length agency of the government of Ontario.

HSE Law Poster

The HSE Law Poster concisely and clearly outlines British health and safety laws, outlining what employers and workers must do. With full-color illustrations and user-friendly text, this poster is easy to comprehend. Under the Health and Safety Information for Employees Regulations (HSIER), employers are required to display a poster version of this poster in an easily visible spot in their workplace. They may also give each worker a copy of the approved leaflet or equivalent pocket card. In 2009, the HSE introduced an updated and simpler Law Poster which must be displayed by April 2014. If your display still shows the pre-2009 version of this poster, then it must be replaced immediately with this new one. Installing is easy using self-adhesive pads (sold separately).

First Aid Poster

First aid posters are an invaluable resource to inform your employees on how best to assist someone who has been injured or sick. With step-by-step pictures and instructions, these posters could make all the difference during a medical emergency. Every year, thousands of accidents and injuries take place in the workplace. That is why it is essential to post safety posters around your business in case an emergency arises. This safety poster set includes three easy-to-understand posters on infant CPR, CPR for children and choking first aid for kids. Each poster provides photos and text that clearly demonstrate how to safely resuscitate and open obstructed airways of even the tiniest victims.